Dalmatian jasper and silver pendant, Cartier closure and gift bag

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Jasper works grounding and protective. The stone helps you fulfill your goals and ideas into action . It is competitive, energetic , tenacious, determined and helps you somewhere to go for it 100% . Jasper helps you stand up for yourself and give courage , makes you resilient and assertive and reduces fear of conflict . It is sincere , honest, helpful and creates balance in body , soul and spirit . The stone also promotes organizational skills , quick thinking and stimulates the imagination . Jasper absorbs negative energy and protects against radiation , negative influences and environmental pollution . It makes astral travel easier. Physically , the stone has a positive effect on the circulatory , digestive , bowel and sexual organs .

In addition to these general characteristics have yellow jasper , red jasper , jasper breccia , ocean jasper dalmation jasper & and the following additional features:

Yellow jasper is the softest working jasper version and works mainly on the physical level . It improves the endurance and reduces stress in the body . It has a beneficial effect on the immune system , the stomach ( eg heartburn ) , liver , pancreas and intestines (eg, intestinal cramps ) . Yellow jasper provides physical and spiritual protection during travel .

Red Jasper & jasper breccia are the most dynamic and active jasper species. They work grounding and promote the flow of energy by breaking into the lower chakras and knees blockages. The stone work warming and provide the body with energy. They help you get your strength and promote willpower and perseverance . Jasper These species have a positive effect on the blood work detoxifying , stimulating liver function and metabolism .

Ocean jasper promotes the flow of energy . The stone helps positive , healing energy coming in the right place and carries negative energy. It is relaxing and calming , and gives a feeling of freedom . It promotes a positive attitude and helps negative feelings and thoughts , such as reducing anxiety, fear and depression . Is physically ocean jasper detoxifying. It has a positive effect on the endocrine system , the glands , organs and digestive system.

Dalmatian jasper is a very protective stone which is more balanced . It protects against radiation and negative energy and helps to remove it. Energy from the body In addition, the stone helps people who are rational and people that their thoughts flow can not stop to unwind. More Dalmatian jasper works uplifting and energizing. This can reduce depression and reduce nightmares . Physically, it has a positive effect on cartilage , nerves , sprains and reflexes .

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