Opal-agate with silver pendant, Cartier closure and gift bag

Article number: 143
Opal is a protective stone and activating . It is cheerful, optimistic , lively , spontaneous, original, creative and stimulating an interest in art and appreciation of beautiful things . The stone also has a strong connection with love , passion and ( enjoy ) sexuality and is faithful and loyal. Physically opal stimulates the self-healing capacity of the body and cleanses . It has a positive effect on memory , Parkinson's disease , infections , fever, and adrenal glands.

In addition to these general properties Andean opal , fire opal gyrasol and the following additional features:

Andean opal is a stone that is very socially oriented . The stone is hospitable , unselfish , altruistic and cordial. It helps to have . Embarrassment , shame and inhibitions Andean opal is good for the heart and stimulates daydreaming .

Gyrasol promotes inner peace , provides insight into the subconscious and helps relieve tension, swollen lymph to the lymph nodes and other symptoms .

Fire Opal is a dynamic and energizing stone. It makes enthusiastic, spontaneous, lively, impulsive , cheerful , and gives hope and support . The stone promotes change, new ideas and initiatives and encourages action. Fire Opal is pent up emotions to come to the surface and protects against danger. Physically fire opal well with lack of energy and has a positive effect on the sexual organs , kidneys , lower back and abdomen and intestines .

Opalite works enlightening , uplifting and makes it clear head . The stone literally and figuratively air and helps you to keep in stressful situations. You standing Spiritual helps you to be well grounded in a meditative state . Physically continues heating opalite the body, relaxes and makes the muscles supple . The stone has a positive effect on the lungs .

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